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The District's agricultural cost share program has received funds dedicated for use on farms along the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

Our first round of signup will run until January 28, 2021.

Our agricultural cost share program provides cost share funds and technical assistance to landowners and agricultural operators that voluntarily install select Best Management Practices (BMPs).  The landowner and the program share the cost of the installation.

To be eligible for the program:

  • The Mountain Valley Pipeline or an access road to the pipeline must bisect the property.

  • Must have a minimum of 5 contiguous acres.

  • Must have verifiable gross receipts of $1,000 per year of production or sale of agricultural, horticultural or forest products produced on the property for each of the past 5 years.

Best Management Practices

FR-1      Reforestation of Erodible Crop and Pastureland

FR-3      Woodland Buffer Filter Area

SE-1      Vegetative Stabilization of Marsh Fringe Areas

SL-1      Long Term Vegetative Cover on Cropland

SL-3      Strip Cropping Systems

SL-6W   Stream Exclusion with Wide Width Buffer and Grazing Land Management

SL-7      Extension of Watering System

SL-10    Grazing Land Management

SL-11    Permanent Vegetative Cover on Critical Areas

WP-1     Sediment Retention, Erosion or Water Control Structures

WP-2A   Streambank Stabilization

WP-2B   Steam Crossings & Hardened Access

WP-2C   Stream Channel Stabilization

WP-2N   Stream Protection (fencing with Narrow Width Buffer)

WP-2W   Stream Protection (fencing with Wide Width Buffer)

WP-3      Sod Waterway

WP-4     Animal Waste Control Facilities

WP-4B   Dairy Loafing Lot Management System

WP-4C   Composter Facilities

WQ-1     Grass Filter Strips (minimum 35 foot buffer)


The District encourages the voluntary installation of Agricultural Best Management Practices (BMP) to improve water quality and reduce non-point source pollution.   The primary cost share and tax credit program offered by the Districts is the Virginia Agricultural Best Management Practices Cost-share Program (VACS). 





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